SWG Series Manual Swing Gate

General Description
SWG-200 Swing Gate (with electro-magnetic lock) is used to control the flow of pedestrian traffic. It is designed for one-way 90° swing and is extensively used in retail stores, commercial facilities etc. to enable handicapped access to a secure area. The gate is operated through an electro-magnetic lock with 35 kg holding force which is mounted on a fixed post. The gate and lock posts are securely mounted to the floor surface.
The Swing Gate is generally used with an access control system (i.e. in conjunction with waist-high access control turnstiles) and is normally locked. Therefore, both access into/out of the secure area is restricted and universal stop symbols are permanently attached to the gate arm. In case of emergency electro-magnetic locking mechanism will release the swing gate arm, then torsion spring (placed in the gate post) will cause gate arm to rotate 90° to enable maximum flow. So this breakaway feature will provide an exit path in case of emergency.
TUV CE Certificates