F100 Series Turnstiles

General Description
F 100 Series Full - Height Turnstiles are the unique solution for unmanned entrances with high level of security requirements. Only one person is permitted to pass on each turn of the turnstile. This is achieved by three/four group of wings, standing 120/90 degrees apart on the square/triangular cross sectioned rotor beam. Frames have a width of 100mm and a thickness of 2mm. Advanced micro processor controlled electronics; fine mechanics processed on CNC machines; contactless position sensing technology; hydraulic damper with adjustable damping ratio; self-centring mechanism design and rust preventing precautions are some of the main factors resulting F 100 Series Full Height Turnstiles' trouble-free, long operation life. A locking sub-mechanism inhibits rotor's turning backwards after 30 degrees of rotation, forcing the passage to be completed. No vibrations and noise occur during operation, with the help of the strong hydraulic damper.
TUV CE Certificates