Optima, PAS 68:2010 crash tested hydraulic rising road blockers.

Road blockers are one of the best solutions to minimize the destruction of the suicide truck bombings. The truck full of explosives is stopped right at the entrance of the site, therefore the explosion harm is kept far away from the human. At this point, the question is whether the road blocker will resist the impact, if it does, what is the penetration in meters and does it still keep on working as there may be a follow-on another suicide bomb truck.

Optima Engineering realized this crash test on 20 December 2013 in a certified laboratory in England. The result is full success. A truck weighing 7600kg, N3 type, moving 80.8 km per hour speed, crashed with 90 degrees to Optima road blocker and the vehicle is fully destroyed. The blocker was still functioning after the impact, therefore, ready to stop the follow-on second suicide bomb truck. The penetration is -1.36meters (minus one point thirtysix) which means the vehicle was stopped 1.36mt before the blocker.

Consequently, with this crash test, Optima Engineering proved that the blockers manufactured meet what they are designed for, i.e., stops (even 1.36mt before) a truck weighing 7600kg and moving 80.8 km/hr and keep on functioning even after the impact. Optima blockers successfully awarded PAS68:2010 P1 grade with the details V/7500N3/80/90:0.0/6.15


Real Time
45 Degree
90 Degree
Overhead Direct
Overhead Downstream
PAS 68:2010

TUV CE Certificates