Optima, PAS 68:2010 crash tested hydraulic rising road blockers.

Roadblockers and bollards are all designed for main gates or entrances of buildings/campuses or sites. However, this is a case where the entire perimeter except the gates, is assumed to be safe enough. Suicide bombing vehicle attack may also come from any possible place from the perimeter. As long as the suicide bombing truck is able to find a place/road to speed up, the possibility of damaging the premises is waiting there. The only solution to overcome this threat is having an OPTIMA PAS68:2010 Anti-Vehicle Crash Tested Fencing System.

The main components of the fencing system are static bollards and a pre-shaped sheet metal running on top of all the bollards. Diameter of the bollards is 325mm and the height above the ground is 1050mm. The pre-shaped sheet metal is designed to gain the maximum amount of inertia to resist the impact load on the fencing. The material of both the bollards and the sheet metal are high strength special type steel. Bollards are also buried under the ground level and they are connected to each other using sophisticated engineering methods which guarantees %100 safety.

Optima Engineering realized the crash test of Optima Anti-Vehicle Fencing System to BSI PAS68:2013 on 23. March.2015, in the U.K. The test is a full success. The truck moving 80km/hr. with a weight of 7500kg/hr. is fully destroyed. No follow-on second truck can pass either. Therefore, with this crash test, Optima Anti-Vehicle Fencing System is awarded PAS68:2013 crash rating and classified as PAS68:2013 Fence V / 7500 N3 / 80 / 90:4.5 / 0.0


90 Degree
45 Degree
Overhead Direct
Overhead Downstream
PAS 68:2010

TUV CE Certificates